Handcrafted Wood Products

For something special that is made to measure.

We make bespoke designed handcrafted wood products, from greenwood furniture, Cleft Rustic Gates, to traditional and contemporary Yurts. Our products are made from UK grown timber, that are predominantly sourced from Devon and Cornish woodlands. We avoid using imported timber or tropical hardwoods.

We work closely with Garden design companies and directly with customers to turn ideas and concepts into the crafted finished form.

Handcrafted Wood - Oak planters at Country Living Fair

Lucy Summers feature garden

Cleft Wood Rustic Gates

Our Cleft wood gates are handcrafted with naturally durable wood. The wood in these gates are split along the grain instead of sawing. Each single or pair of double gates are unique, with careful selection of mirror cleft wood for symmetry in the rails.

Handcrafted Wood - Cleft Chestnut Field Gates

Cleft Chestnut Field Gates

Cleft Oak gates with long pales

Cleft Oak gates with long pales

Our attention to detail is carried through in the finished handcrafted wood for each gate. If cleft wood is too rustic then we can make a range of gates in sawn Oak or other suitable timber.

Follow this link for more examples of single cleft gates

Unique Garden Structures

Looking for something different for the garden. From traditional framed structures to contemporary style, we can create a design that suits your needs and budget.


Handcrafted Wood - Wisteria Support

Wisteria Support made from framed Sweet Chestnut coppiced poles

Cleft Oak Trellis

Rustic cleft Oak trellis fitted to timber clad outbuilding

We make rose arbours, pergolas, garden seating and tables, outside stairs, raised beds, rustic trellis and sculptural pieces

Bespoke Fencing in Handcrafted Wood

Rustic post and rail fencing can be designed in a variety of styles. For example, in the photo below additional rails were added to the top of the fence for training fruit espaliers.

Rustic Post & Rail Fence with matching gate

Rustic Post & Rail Fence with matching gate

This rustic picket fence was chosen by the customer for its suitability with the natural stone walls. A custom handrail was integrated as the fence followed the access ramp to a care home.

Rustic Picket fence with handrail

Rustic Picket fence with handrail

Contemporary Fencing

For more details please click on the following link contemporary fence

Contemporary bespoke fence for Japanese garden

Front inside view of bespoke fence for Japanese garden


To discuss your design requirements please call on 01409 281549 or email to info@wealdenheartwood.co.uk

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