Mini Yurts in Devon

Mini yurts designed for a variety of uses for both children and adults. Highly portable for bringing along on days out or simply for the garden at home.

Our high quality mini yurts are crafted from hardwood timber locally sourced from Devon Woods. The frames are made from either Ash, Sweet Chestnut and Hazel and the crown wheels in Ash or Beech wood. The frame is oiled with a x12 UV resistant oil ensuring a long lasting finish to protect the wood from decay.


The cover for the roof, wall and door is made into a single integrated unit making it easy to setup and pack away when finished. The cover is made from fireproof, rot resistant and waterproof 12oz tent grade canvas. The crown window is made from clear UV stable PVC, enabling light through and to view the sky from inside. The complete cover weighs just under 7kg and packs away into a neat canvas carry bag for storage.


The wall has a split at the back, which can be opened and tied for additional ventilation. The mini yurt is anchored to the ground from five straps and wooden tent pegs.


Mini Yurt Frame

The frame is priced at £480.00, which has the following components:

  • Trellis for the wall
  • Door frame, two uprights, head and sill
  • Crown wheel
  • 18 roof poles
  • 5 Ash tent pegs

Mini Yurt Cover

The integrated canvas cover is priced at £480.00

  • Clear crown window
  • Canvas roof, walls and door flap
  • Tension band
  • Canvas bag
  • Canvas sling for carry roof poles and door frame

The waterproof groundsheet is priced at £35.00 and can be ordered in white or olive. The combined cost of the entire mini yurt is £995.00 excluding delivery, which would be calculated based on location.

For enquiries please call (01409) 281549 or email

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