Woodland Management Services

A range of woodland management services for property owners delivered professionally and to a high standard.

Woodland planning

Ride overgrown with vegetationFor your woodland I can provide professional advice regarding alternative woodland uses that will compliment primary silviculture and conservation requirements. All woodland management is planned in accordance with current regulations, my services extend to completing forest plans and Woodland Grant Scheme applications to the Forestry Commission. QGIS Geographical Information System (GIS) is used for field data and forestry mapping presentation.

One of my main guiding principles is to practice forms of sustainable forestry, that avoids as far as possible, the need to clearfell and restock.


Woodland Management and Conservation

Cut coppice with cord wood ready for extractionManagement services are primarily available to owners of small and medium sized woodlands, which are less suited to large scale mechanised harvesting. For such woodlands Wealden Heartwood can provide a tailored service that includes, operation schedules, risk assessments, felling work and extraction of cordwood and produce.


For more details on low impact timber extraction, which is especially suited for small woodlands, click on Iron Horse link.

Here are some examples of past woodland management work carried out at different properties, from South West England to South Wales.

Woodland management

Compartment after extraction completed, yielding firewood and sawlogs

Conifer plantation

Conifer plantation with some broadleaf trees

Conifer removal for restoration

Gradual removal of Western Red Cedar in favour of native broadleaf trees


European Protected Species (EPS)

Cut coppice with cord wood ready for extractionIn addition to other countryside legislation, practitioners need to familiarise themselves with European Protected Species (EPS) legislation. It is vital to deliver good practice guidance before commencing any woodland operations, especially as EPS will most likely be present. Failing to do so could lead to prosecution, even if an offence is inadvertently committed during operations.


The current list of European Protected Species covers

  • All Bats species
  • Dormouse
  • Otter
  • Great Crested Newt
  • Smooth Snake
  • Sand Lizard


Deer and Stock Fencing

stock fencing with sweet chestnut postsFrom general stock fencing to Deer netting to reduce the threat of browsing. With the ever increasing risk of damage from Deer, it is important to protect new plantings and regrowth in regenerating woodland with temporary deer netting. Deer netting will normally be maintained for at least three years and sometimes longer with slower growing species such as Hornbeam.


Tree Planting

oak saplings planted with tree shelters
Tree planting services available after harvesting to comply with felling license restocking obligations. Enrichment planting per the customers requirements.



To discuss your woodland management requirements further please call 01409 281549 or email your enquiry to info@wealdenheartwood.co.uk

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