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Contemporary fence – Japanese garden

Bespoke Contemporary fence

This project involved designing a contemporary fence to replace a Leyland Cypress hedge that bordered a mature Japanese garden. It was important to create a stylish backdrop to this garden that allowed airflow through the fence. The design incorporated horizontal slats in the upper half of the frame and vertical “Hit and Miss” slats below.

Contemporary bespoke fence for Japanese garden

Bespoke fence for Japanese garden

The customer wanted a low maintenance fence that would age gradually by the weather. Western Red Cedar was selected as a suitable timber for this purpose. The wood was sourced locally from Devon. The timber was primarily milled using a mobile sawmill before finishing off the panels and slats in the workshop.


Cleared conifer hedge

Leyland Cypress hedge removed and ready for bespoke fence to be erected on perimeter of Japanese garden

The hedge was removed including the stumps to leave a clear line before installing the post and rail frame.


Custom morticed posts were used, which enabled the rails to be slotted through the centre of the posts. This gives a much better finish compared to fitting the rails to the outside of the posts. The infill panels were made in advance and these slot into the upper bays of the frame.

Bespoke slatted fence build

Contemporary fence under construction for a Japanese garden

Finished Fence

Capping was used to add a stylish finish to the contemporary fence panels and vertical slats. This also provides added protection to the fence.

Contemporary bespoke fence for Japanese garden

Front inside view of bespoke fence for Japanese garden

Outside the Japanese garden the fence line continues with full height vertical “Hit and Miss” slats to the end of the run.

Western Red Cedar "Hit and miss" fence

Vertical “Hit and Miss” slatted fence in Western Red Cedar

The gate has a quality double rim cylinder lock fitted to enable it to be locked from either side.

Contemporary style fence in Western Red Cedar

Front view of bespoke fence in Western red cedar

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Update – Garden Completed

Here are some photos of the completed Japanese garden.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden with contemporary slated fence

Japanese garden

Japanese garden with contemporary slated fence